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1) Russian as a Foreign Language

PIG offers courses of Russian to Foreign Students.
Students are offered short-term and long-term Russian Language courses.
There are language courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. The students enrolled may be offered intensive Russian Language courses as well as individual classes.
Student groups are formed according to the level of the Russian Language skills.

Tuition Fees
If attended in a group:
  • 1-month's course - US $240 (20 academic hours a week);
  • 2-month's course - US $480 (20 academic hours a week);
  • 3-month's course - US $720 (20 academic hours a week);
  • 10-month's course - US $1500 (20 academic hours a week).
  • The fee for individual course:
  • US $10 a one hour.

  • The minimal term of the Russian Language Course is 3 weeks.

    2) In cooperation with International Sakharov Environmental University
    offers International Pre-university Training Program

    Foreigners with complete secondary education or equivalent are welcome to participate in the program.
    Program description: International Pre-university Training Program is organized every year. The deadline for documents feed is September 1. Program starts on October 20 and lasts 8 months. The first 3 months are dedicated to study of Russian language only (30 hours per week) as a language for education, communication and information exchange. Other courses (mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology) are provided during next 5 months together with the further inquiry of language. The study process is adjusted according to the national features of students and is facilitated by the special educational background of the teachers. Graduates, who have successfully passed their exams, receive a certificate which grants the right to enter not only ISEU, but other Belarusian higher educational institutions as well.

    Courses provided: Russian – 760 hours
    Mathematics – 120 hours
    Chemistry – 155 hours
    Physics – 110 hours
    Biology – 110 hours

    To get the invitation to Belarus it is necessary to prepare
    1) Application

  • Personal details:
  • First name: Last name:
    Citizenship: Date of birth (dd/mm/yy):
    Passport No.: Date of issue:
    Date of expire:
    e-mail: Address:
  • Education:
  • Name of Establishment: Speciality:
  • Russian language courses:
  • Level of Russian:

    zero/ beginning/ intermediate/ advanced
    Program chosen:

    courses of Russian/ Preparatory Dep.
    Period of studies: from…   till…
    Accommodation: Dormitory / Private accomodation. I guarantee to find a private accomodation in Minsk

  • The following documents are enclosed:

  •   1. Passport copy (script)
      2. Copy of diploma with notarized translation into Russian
      3. Medical certificate (for the period more than 3 months)

    2) a copy of passport (name, surname, year and place of birth, passport number and its validity);
    3) an official translation of the national passport into Russian (Belarussian) language (name, surname, year and place of birth, passport number and its validity);
    4) a notarized copy of the document about education (a high-school certificate is obligatory for the Preparatory Department programme)
    5) an official translation of the document about education into Russian or Belarussian languages). (The original with a notarized translation attached is to be submitted by the student upon his arrival in Belarus.);
    6) a medical certificate from any medical centre or a family doctor about the state of the health.

    First steps in Belarus with ISET:
    1) to get medical insurance from one of the state insurance companies;
    2) to get registration in Minsk at the place of residence. Documents required for registration are applied to the University within 3 days upon arrival ;
    3) to pass a medical check-up at the Student's Hospital. Medical services are rendered on the fee-paying basis. Medical certificate from the country of student's arrival is necessary for the medical check-up. If the duration of the stay in Minsk is no longer than 3 months, a student can submit a medical check-up certificate with obligatory X-ray check-up.
    4) tuition payment (is made upon arrival and signing the contract).

    Contact phones:
    8(01716)73765 (Tel/Fax), 8(029)1070182(VELCOM)
    8(029)8070182 (МTS).