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English/Russian/Belarusian Interpreter/Translator
Tel./fax: +375-017-208-3993 Mob. +375-029-396-4965 E-mail: l_schukin@mail.ru, schukin@tut.by

Resume Capsule: over 35 years of translating experience in Belarus, Europe and the USA.

Professional experience:

In Belarus:
Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at international conferences and business and trade talks for the President's Administration, the Government of Belarus, CIS Headquarters, UN Office in Belarus (permanent contract), OSCE Representative Office, TACIS Office, Belarusian Association of Journalists, Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Ministry of Defence, Ministry for Statistics and Analysis, unions and associations of businessmen, major enterprises and banks of Belarus, FIFA and UEFA, etc.
Written translations for major state bodies, enterprises and companies of Belarus engaged in the following areas of business: industry, banking, legislation, communications, statistics, medicine (pharmaceutics), standardisation (for food and light industries, robotics, and automation), power engineering, electronics, construction, armaments, sports, etc. Has translated 18 books from English into Russian for the Poppuri Publishers (Minsk) and three books from Russian into English for the Santana Publishers. All the books were printed in 1994-2004. One of the translations into English was accepted by the Publishing Synthesis Ltd. (New York) for distribution in the USA.
From 2006 on, translator of the "Caucasian Knot" website of the MEMORIAL Moscow-based Human Rights Society.
Certified translator at the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and registered notary translator.
A founder and Board Member of the Belarusian Guild of Professional Interpreters and Translators (2003).
In 2006, the first ever simultaneous translation session in the new building of the National Library of Belarus.

In the USA:
1997 – Los Alamos Technical Associates, Albuquerque, NM.
Translated various documents for a nuclear plant waste disposal project in the Russian Federation. Interpreted at high-ranking business conferences.
1999 – New York City. Translated documents for various trading companies, as well as New York-based law firms. Interpreted at depositions and various court hearings. Transcribed and translated tapes for the US Attorney's Office, FBI and private law firms. Consulted American business men on how to do business with Russia in general and Belarus in particular.
2000-2004 – Washington-based TMC Services Ltd. Written translations of project documentation in the field of environment protection and rehabilitation.
2006 – The Alltech 22nd Annual Feed Industry Symposium, Lexington, Kentucky, April 23-26. Simultaneous interpreting.

In Europe:
1988 – 2010: simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at training courses, exhibitions, business negotiations, conferences and workshops in Germany, France, Denmark, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia.

Minsk State Pedagogical University of Foreign Languages: English and French. Graduation: June 1971; Minsk Radio Engineering Institute: Process Engineering and Design of Radio-Electronic Equipment. Graduation: June 1985; Postgraduate training: Russia (Moscow: Industrial Robotics, 1987-91), France (Paris: Management and Marketing, 1992; Conversion of the Military Complex, 1994), Denmark (Copenhagen: Roads and Bridges, 1996-98).

Current employment:
INTERLINGUA, Additional Liability Company, Minsk, Leading Interpreter-Instructor.
2009 – present time: Master School of Translation – founder and teacher.

Other trades:
Teacher of English (interpreting), French and Russian; English-writing journalist, Publisher of the "Minsk Digest" Private Analytical Newsletter (1991-1996); Expert in Industrial Consulting (management improvement at companies). Detailed resumes on these trades may be provided on request.

Furnished upon request.