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Program aim:

The aim of this program is formation/development of confident level of spoken English that will lead to facilitation of communications with different nationalities all over the world and to expansion of mental outlook of school participators.

Principal tasks:

  • Overcoming the language barrier and significant increase of spoken language skill, including the pronunciation enhancement;
  • Improvement of literacy of spoken language;
  • Enhancement of understanding ability of native speakers’ speech on hearing (conversation, monolog, information messages and so on), including the perception of speech which transmits through different media sources (video, audio);
  • Extension of active (used) vocabulary, as well as use of idiomatical expression, including the spoken slang;
  • Familiarity with speech etiquette of daily conversations;
  • Acquaintance with culture of the country of studied language.

  • Acquaintance with culture of the country of studied language.

    Students, after successful graduating from this program, according with obtained level of knowledge will be able:
  • to communicate in English, including the communications with native speakers on various subjects, associated with social life, recreation, entertainment, as well as with the subject of this educational program;
  • to express with confidence own thoughts in English with good pronunciation;
  • to use spoken English in general in different daily life situations.

  • Methodology of education

    The methodology is based on communicative method and aural-oral theory of habits. The backbone of methodology can be reduced to several fundamental principles:
    1. Maximum naturalness of process of foreign language acquisition;
    2. Absence of verbatim learning;
    3. Removal of psychological barrier-fear of communication in foreign language;
    4. Individuality, in particle, rhythmical “setting” of listener on reception of new information;
    5. Activization of right cerebral hemisphere and in consequence – genetically inherited speech abilities;
    6. Creation of new speech centre, owing to which listener can further communicate and think by use of foreign language. This result will be obtained as by the way of organization of role games, entertainment programs, different English competitions and so on, and on the basis of daily conversation among peers.
    The program “Recreation with psychologist” can help students in managing their behavior, to take the responsibility for own deeds, to restore forces quickly, to create stress tolerance, to obtain positive emotions without artificial stimulators (drugs, alcohol), to obtain habits of effective interaction. Summer school will provide seminars devoted to the protection against manipulations, self-confidence increase, prevention and solving conflict situations, development of communicative skills and leader qualities.