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8(029)1070182 (VELCOM)
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8(029)8070182 (МТС)
Services for Foreigners
Dear Sirs!
Institute of Social Educational Technologies(ISET) provides informational and organizational support during your stay in the Republic of Belarus.
Informational and organizational support includes:
- transfer from the airport to the place of accommodation;
- selection of the variants of dwelling both in the city and the outskirts of Minsk;
- rental apartments (from $ 300 per month), houses (from 1000 $ per month), rooms for students (from $ 120 per month), etc.
- development of variants for sightseeing tour (50-60$);
- accompaniment during tour events (depends on the number of hours, $ 10 per hour);
- transport services;
- consultations on education in Belarus (20$);
- translation services;
- lessons of Russian language as a foreign language (individual lessons 10 $ per hour);
- assistance in obtaining an invitation to education (35$ including the cost of invitation);
- development of programmes for educational, scientific and business-tourism (70 $);
- organization of seminars, meetings and conferences;
- assistance in the lawful provision of staying in Belarus;

Contact numbers:
8(017)2984861 (Tel/Fax), 8(029)1070182 (VELCOM),
8(029)1070184 (VELCOM), 8(029)8070182 (МТС).

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